Our Process


World War II veteran
oil on canvas
private collection

by John Boyd Martin

The prospective Client and Kathleen Van Ella confer as to the spirit, feel and physical requirements of the projected artwork. Kathleen will either visit with the Client for a complete Artist portfolio presentation, or Kathleen will forward appropriate Artist materials to the Client for selection of individual Artist. Conference is then had with the Artist and Client.

A Commission Statement is drawn up via Portraits/Chicago Inc. outlining the details of the Commission, and a deposit is requested with final at completion.

Though each Artist’s procedure varies, he/she generally begins with a photography session and sketches from life (a Sculptor may either draw, present a computer rendering, or sculpt a maquette). These are for Client review and offer the opportunity to reaffirm consensus of direction. It is possible to work from existing photography. The Artist can then create the artwork. An Artist travels nationally or internationally to complete a commission.

A Painting is completed three months to one year. Sculpture and very large monuments on request.